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I know who killed them. [ He whispers in Goku's ear before backing away into the crowd. The voice is familiar. The scent is familiar but it's also so very wrong. But it's the site of the man, heading though the crowd. He knows the man.]


[But Hakkai is gone! But he's here and Goku has to follow him. Has to follow the man that had been at once a friend and a teacher to him over the short years they traveled together.

But the man is going so quickly. So fast and even Goku can barely keep up.]

Hey, Hakkai! Wait up! Slow down! HAKKAI!!

[The man doesn't stop. Doesn't slow. He leads Goku along the boats, deeper into the maze of them, to place where there are few lights and many boats have been lashed together in a wide, open area. The shop stalls have been torn down and nothing but body parts remain.

He comes at Goku with razor like claws and teeth that cannot be human, smiling the whole time. Goku's shouts fill the air.]

Hakkai!! What the hell man! Your limiter! You lost your limiter!!

[But it's more than that. So much more. It's like that night at the fair, only Hakkai isn't human anymore. Not human anymore and attacking Goku.]
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Sasuke wasn't known for his enthusiasm on most things, but even this was a new low for him. The resentment over doing something so utterly time consuming and pointless permeated the air around him, etched into every fiber of his being, and he didn't bother trying to hide it. What would be the point?

Drawings that he had every intention of burning when completed seemed like such a waste of time.

However, there was a single positive aspect to it, and it was what they wanted all along: Mingling. Learning about people. Finding out secrets, weaknesses, strengths. While he didn't care about the population here in general, the possibilities of allies fighting for a common goal couldn't be completely thrown away either.

So he wandered between his moments of meditating and sparring (both of which he carried his sketching supplies with him in case someone was stupid enough to interrupt him), keeping to himself and waiting for others to approach him. Would it be interesting to sketch this glaring man with two different striking eyes? Maybe, if his attitude wasn't a complete deterrent.

The only question was, where would he be found in order to be sketched?
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IC Inbox

May. 25th, 2015 09:07 am
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IC Inbox

Goku doesn't have a phone or a computer yet (and probably doesn;t know how to use them so...Send him snail mail~

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 Due to Son Goku looking like THIS - ie about 15 years of age... he might be an issue to those who don't wish to do "underaged" things.
So this is his opt out post. If you don't want sexy time with the Monkey King, I will respect that wish.

Kink List

Mar. 14th, 2015 01:20 pm
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Yes kinks are particular favorites. Maybe means I'm open to it, but would require discussion first. IC Limits are things the character would dislike, but I would enjoy playing out despite their distaste (and in some cases because of it). OOC Limits are hard limits that I will refuse to play.

bare in mind that Seiten Taisei is a thing that might happen and those kinks will be under italics


Fighting as Flirting
Food Play
Energetic/playful flirting
ear play
age difference
height differences
medium/light bondage
deep kissing
anal/vaginal sex
hair pulling
verbal abuse
heavy bondage
orgasm denial
extreme sexual violence
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✘ IC
✘ Hugging: Goku is great for cuddles. Hug the crap out of the little shouta
✘ Kissing: lay one on him, watch him blush. He's had his first kiss but still
✘ Flirting: flirt away~ He won't understand it and won't understand that he's flirting back. He's just being friendly
✘ Fighting: PLEASE DO. Goku loves fighting.
✘ Injuring: if you can actually manage it...since the kid has damage reduction out the ass
✘ Killing: Let's talk it out.
✘ Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on Goku: Go for it - However, bare in mind...Goku's mental voice is the equivalent of someone screaming at the top of their lungs right in your ear. Also, there is the presence of Seiten Taisei in there, all chained up and held "sleeping". And if they go 500 years back...they'll encounter a literal wall. It can't be pushed through because it was put there by the Merciful Goddess.

✘ Warnings: Goku is a trouble making shortass that looks about 15. As such, there are age issues. Also...DO NOT REMOVE THE LIMITER. EVER. Seriously. That's not a thing you want to deal with

✘ OOC:
✘ Backtagging: to infinity and beyond
✘ Threadhopping: Sure! Unless, it's private, I don't see why not.
✘ Fourthwalling: Go for it, however, please bare in mind that this is Goku and he won't understand what you're trying to tell him. He'll probably get bored of the story and tune it out.
✘ Offensive subjects: None
✘ Other: I can write both in prose and brackets
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ARE YOU 18 OR OLDER?: old enough. august 29, 1981
CONTACT: aim: drakekasteel
plurk: darkangel998
CURRENT CHARACTERS: Tres Iqus and Xanxus

NAME: Goku Son
CANON: Saiyuki
CANON POINT: Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, against the stream arc. Goku has just been separated by the other members of the Sanzo party
CHARACTER AGE: he's well over 500 years old, but the canon never explicitly states his actual age. He appears to look between 15-18 years of age

Once upon a time there was a Monkey born in a rock egg that for centuries collected the Earth's aura atop a holy mountain. He was so powerful when he was born that Heaven found him and plopped power limiters on him and dragged him up to the Godly Realm to appear before Kanzeon. There, he meets Kanzeon's nephew, yanks his hair and the poor guy, Konzen Douji, is declared his guardian. This goes over about as well as a lead brick. Goku, who at this point doesn't have a name yet, just sort of makes trouble for himself and his guardian.

Eventually, he runs into this kid who happens to be a War Prince. They become best friends forever and the monkey promises the prince that he'll tell him his name next time. He then goes to his guardian and demands a name. After a bit of a tantrum, he's given the name Goku.

He then goes on to meet a Field Marshall and a General while sneaking around looking for his BFF Nataku who's off fighting the demon king. A fight that hurts Nataku so badly that Goku plops his butt next to the kid's bedside and doesn't move until he wakes back up. When he does, they make these really awesome plans about exploring Heaven together.

That doesn't exactly work out because Nataku has duties and Nataku's father is a dick. But that's okay because he makes really good friends with Konzen, Kenren and Tenppou. And eventually when Nataku's dad orders the kid to kill his BFF, his other friends try to stop him. They can't. Goku does by telling Nataku his name...and Nataku kills himself in front of Goku instead of following dad's orders.

This pisses Goku right off and he blows the limiters in his rage, taking his true form, the Seiten Taisen, or Great Sage Equal to All of Heaven. He kills a LOT of celestial beings and while his friends try to protect the Monkey, there's little that can be done about it. All four of them are banished from Heaven and Goku is locked in a stone cage deep within the mountains.

The Merciful Goddess, who really isn't all that merciful, seals away all his memories except for his name.

And so...for the next 500 years, he sits there. In a stone cage. In the mountains. Not knowing why he's even locked away or how he even got there. And it's a pretty boring 500 years. Not much to do locked away in a rock. He really misses being around people and gets super depressed by it. His only friend is a little bird, who dies in the snow on him, which makes matters even worse. All in all, he has a really unpleasant 500 years.

His eventual release at the hands of Sanzo is because, at some point, he started to call for help and only the priest could hear him. Sanzo tries to ignore it but eventually, Goku is so annoying and noisy that Sanzo goes and gets him to tell him to shut the hell up already. Somehow, Sanzo is able to release Goku and starts back down the mountain with the kid following him. Of course, Sanzo doesn't play well with others and tells Goku to get lost...which Goku pointedly doesn't and Sanzo eventually gives in and lets Goku tag along.

From there, he stayed with Sanzo at the Temple in Chang'an where he stayed in the shed until he was allowed to roam the temple. Sanzo (like in his past life) becomes guardian for Goku. And Goku accompanies Sanzo because he became immediately attached to Sanzo, due to a bond which spanned two lifetimes for the blond male, who was at first Konzen and is now Sanzo. It is the same way as the other members of the Sanzo Party, as they all have ties to their past lives, which Goku only has the very faintest memory of. Like a fleeting face or a voice in a dream.

The party members are tasked by the Goddess of Mercy (who's really really NOT merciful in the least) to stop Gyukomen Koushu from resurrecting her dead husband, the aforementioned demon king that Nataku killed way way back in the day using a super taboo mix of magic and science, thus creating this wave of evil that makes good demons go bad. So, whether they want to or not, they all have go to the west to do just that.

Along the way, they get side tracked a lot with tons of sidequests that generally help out the local populations. They run into the son of the demon king and his group of demons. Goku sort of becomes a happy fight rival for them. They run into a monk that tries to kill Sanzo, which triggers Goku to lose it and break his limiter to become the Great Sage Equal To Heaven. He nearly kills everyone before the Merciful Goddess can put a stop to it. At this point, Goku admits that he knows he had to have done something really bad and that he remembers that he had something he really wanted to protect, but he can't remember what that thing is.

From there, they encounter a blast from the past of each group member, which each one getting dealt with in turn. Eventually, things come to head in the desert and Goku personally removes his limiter in order to battle Kougaiji at full strength. He rampages out of control and it's Sanzo that returns him back to normal, forcing the limiter back on him.

Then it's back to the monster of the day until run into a War Prince who wants to watch the world burn so he can make a new one. To do that, he needs the Seiten and Maten scriptures (which were used to make the universe) and Goku himself, who is born on the Earth. He toys with the group in order to make Goku grow stronger (plus the group does hold one of the scriptures). Eventually, he is captured in order to complete the world making process. There is a huge knock down drag out in the new universe that Homura makes and eventually, Goku kills Homura.

The quartet once more go west. Of course there are the usual side quests, complete with the Sanzo-ikkou having to team up with old enemies, but the main focus is now a self-proclaimed priest that steals Sanzo's scriptures and they have to get it back. However, this priest is terribly strong and manages to defeat the group. It is only because of Goku and his pep talk/mahjong game that they decided not to take their defeat lying down and go back to fight again. In the end, they once again manage to defeat the man, get the surta back and return to their never ending quest.

Which brings us to Reload Gunlock, where Goku's canon point is. Still on their way to the West to stop the resurrection of the Demon King (no...they aren't there yet...), the quartet are plunged into a raging river. They survive, but Goku gets separated from the group. He encounters prince Kougaiji and has to fight him.

As the unofficial mascot of the Sanzo party, Goku is almost always cheerful. He can make anyone (even serious people like Sanzo) smile or laugh when something bad happens. A good example of this is when Hakkai is in a funk after running into a demon from his past. He is sad, looking at his short life line. Goku uses a permanent marker to draw it longer. Another time, after a huge loss, Goku suddenly suggests a game of mahjong that is used as a morale booster.

Because he's so cheerful, he usually ends up making friends wherever he goes. He always greets the people he likes - or gives him food - with a smile and naturally likes kindhearted people. Because of this, he's made friends with a great many creatures as the series progresses, both human and youki alike. He tries to be helpful to the people they meet along the way. However, he has a prankster's disposition, so he usually gets himself and others into trouble instead of actually helping. This can actually be pretty shameful to him, specially if it causes Sanzo trouble. After he loses control, he actually tries to avoid Sanzo because he feels guilty as is afraid the monk was mad at him. So he tries to stay on track. But being energetic and outgoing, staying on track isn't one of his strong points.

He is also very straightforward about things. He doesn't lie and he doesn't do a very good job at trying to hide things. This straightforwardness is such a strong trait that most of the licenced merchandise with Goku on it mentions this along with his other defining characteristic of being always hungry. More on that later.

The archetypal hero, if he likes a person, he is their friend forever. But, if he dislikes a person or thinks they've done something wrong (no matter how small), he will fight them. However, he is not fighting for others. When Kougaiji asks him who he's fighting for, Goku answers that he's fighting for his own sake. He's fighting for his right to live free. He has also shown that he will fight anyone trying to get in his or his group's way. He likes fighting, displaying enjoyment comparable to a child playing a game. When he first fights Kougaiji, he expresses "this is so much fun" with glee.

His hunger, while not being a personality trait on it's own is a bit of a quirk. Goku is usually always hungry. This is because he spent 500 years without getting to eat or drink anything. He complains often and loudly about the fact, usually getting him hit for his troubles. However, this trait is what helps difficientate an imposter from the real thing. Because Sanzo says that the real Goku would say he was hungry before actually greeting them.

However, this isn't the sum of Goku's personality. There is a darker side of the monkey. It is not a split personality, but just another part of himself. It is a side held back by the power of the diadem around his forehead. Removing the limiter reverts Goku to his true form, that of the Seiten Taisei, also known as the Great Sage Equal to All of Heaven. While normally fighting seems like a game to him, in his true form he enjoys fighting in a bloodthirsty, sadistic sense and enjoys inflicting pain on others; even going so far as beating his enemies when they can't fight back. He is very destructive and cruel, and nearly invincible.

Goku can not differentiate friend from foe; causing him to attack Sanzo, Gojyo and Hakkai as fiercely as he does his enemies. When the Seiten Taisei is released, Goku experiences a sort of 'flashbacks', seeing faces and people who are familiar but he just can't remember. Once the limiter is forced back onto him, Goku normally passes out, falling into a deep slumber.

It should be noted that Goku considers Sanzo his "sun". Goku was locked away in darkness for a long time and it was Sanzo who freed him. It is Sanzo being inured severely that causes the diadem of his forehead to break the first time. And the next time he removes it is also for Sanzo's sake. He worries a lot over the monk and feels deep guilt and remorse when his actions hurt the man.

Expert Martial Artist, super speed, super strength, damage reduction. As the Seiten Taisei, this is all upped to eleven. Without the limiter his speed and attack power increase dramatically; he can move so fast that often others can't even see him. His strength increases so much that he's able to easily inflict near fatal wounds on Gojyo and Hakkai with a few blows, and also once bent Gojyo's shakujo just by holding it in his hand. He's also far more durable in this form, shrugging off nearly every attack he's ever hit with. If something actually can hurt him, he use the energy of the earth to heal himself. Seiten Taisei Son Goku controlled the energy of weather and nature at one point too. Basically, the Seiten Taisei is comparable to that of a god.

Goku wields a staff called the "Nyoi Bo". Aside from practical uses, he can cause it grow in length, and in some instances used its lengthening powers to impale enemies from a distance. At times he can also make the Nyoi Bo separate

Goku is a Heretic. This means he exhibits each and every sin one can imagine

Pride -
Goku has a very strong sense of pride. He takes defeat hard but refuses to allow it to completely beat him. Instead, he refuses to ever lose again because he refuses to look that pathetic again. He is proud of his strength and his abilities.

Gluttony -
Good lord almighty but this boy can eat. And eat. And eat. He is constantly hungry. In fact, it's sort of a running gag in the series. Sanzo even can tell the difference between the real Goku and a fake one because the fake one doesn't immediately claim that he's hungry. It doesn't matter how much he eats, he always wants more. This is also true with fighting. He always always seems to want more in a fight. He can never get enough of a strong opponent.

Lust -
Along with the Seiten Taisen's natural blood lust, Goku seems to have a lust for battle. He adores strong opponents. He seeks them out because it's "fun". He genuinely enjoys himself in it. He also lusts after food, drooling over stalls of meat buns when he can't have them. He also has quite the lust for life. Having been in prison for 500 years, he throws himself into things with a happy grin, enjoying them for all it's worth

Wrath -
All one has to do is remove the limiter to see Goku's wrath at it's finest. The Great Sage Equal to Heaven is a force of nature, wreaking havoc wherever he goes. He revels in the killing and can't differentiate friend from foe. If you're in his line of sight, he will come after you and it won't be pretty

Greed -
Goku's greed can be tied into his gluttony. The number of fights over food that Goku has with his traveling companions cannot be reasonably counted. "Hey, that's mine" is something that regularly falls from his lips in these situations. Also, he hordes strong fighters. He won't let anyone else battle the likes of Kougaiji because that is his opponent. And while he might not directly seek out a fight, once it's going, he never wants it to stop, always greedy for more

Envy -
Goku's envy is a little harder to touch upon. He shows it in subtle ways, though mostly when dealing with the 500 years locked away. When he was in his prison, he was envious of those who could live so freely. He is quoted to say about his prison "If this place had been deeper than the earth, I would not yearn for a sun I never knew."

Sloth -
While Goku is energetic and playful, he doesn't really get a lot of actual work done. Much of the time, he can be found goofing off somewhere. In fact, this was how he finds his weapon. He and Gojyo were goofing off around a temple and shattered a canister that held it. In general, he'd much rather play than work. Back in Heaven this was even more true. He was often messing with Kouzen Douji's work, making paper airplanes and what not instead of actually helping.

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